Nick Diaz Talks About Resigning with the UFC

By now we all know the news that Nick Diaz has signed a three fight extension with the UFC, but what does he think and feel? Ahh, crafty UFC, they released a video interview with Nick Diaz after he signed his contract extension with the UFC where he talks about potential fights down the road, how he wants to fight guys who want to fight like Robbie Lawler or Anderson Silva.

There are all kinds of Nick Diaz implications where he talks about guys who just want to hold onto him or score points and run away, that those are the guys who have beat him. I think that’s why Nick Diaz has so many fans, because the guy opens his mouth and funny stuff comes out. Poor Carlos Condit and GSP, eh? It really does feel like the UFC wants to push for Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva, which would be one of those fabled superfights that we never get to see.