Nick Diaz Promotions’ WAR MMA Debuting on June 22nd

Nick Diaz Promotions issued a press release today that confirmed that Nick Diaz Productions will indeed become a real thing, with WAR MMA making its debut on June 22nd in Stockton, California. The event is set to go down at the 10,000 seat Stockton arena and will feature a mix of former UFC and WEC talent as well as some up-and-comers.

The card is already starting to take shape, as it is in just under a month and tickets are on sale for it. On top of that, it looks like they will be streaming the event live on the internet as well, so things are starting to look up for Nick Diaz in his retirement. If you know Nick Diaz you know that he is not a fan of cages or ground elbows, so they will fight under modified rules where those nuisances are not in play, as it will be in a regular ring.

The card is as follows so far;

Justin Baesman vs. Daniel Roberts
Antonio Banuelos vs. Benny Vinson
Caleb Mitchell vs. Evan Esguerra
Roy Boughton vs. Liron Wilson
Mike Persons vs. Clayton McKinney
Darin Cooley vs. Cody Gibson