Nick Diaz Once Again Steals the Show at UFC 158 Press Conference

Nick Diaz is a special kind of fighter. Maybe it’s just because Nick Diaz doesn’t play by your rules and doesn’t care what you think about him. At least, that is what he says, but when he has the stage and the microphone there is no doubt that Nick Diaz steals the show every time he has a microphone in his hand. The big story yesterday (when this fine site was having its servers upgraded) was that Nick Diaz skipped out on the UFC Open Workouts, which of course upset GSP who was there.

Diaz claimed that his plane got in late and he hadn’t gotten enough sleep to feel comfortable going out there and working out for the world to see. His point was of course GSP could be there, GSP lives there. There was a lot of question for Nick Diaz at this press conference, in fact, almost all of the talk was about Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre. Don’t just take my word for it, but watch this press conference and marvel at Nick Diaz talking about Wolf Tickets, asking GSP how many times he had a gun to his head, had friends get buried or had gum in his hair.

You can’t make up someone like Nick Diaz.