Nick Diaz Doesn’t Enjoy Fighting

Today Nick Diaz was on a UFC conference call to discuss his upcoming fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 183 and of course, he’s Nick Diaz, so almost everything that came out of his mouth was quote-worthy and interesting. The big thing to take away was when he was asked if he was excited about fighting Anderson Silva and he gave a rather earnest, human answer to that.

“I don’t enjoy fighting,” Diaz continued. “I don’t use that word (excited) in this sport. I use that word maybe if I’m starving and food is showing up, I’m getting excited now. That’s kind of excitement. Or I’m excited to have a couple days. Trying to fight somebody is really, I don’t know, people are confused with that term when it comes to fighting.

“Would you enjoy fighting Anderson Silva?”

Seriously, Anderson Silva is one of the best of all-time, who would enjoy stepping into the ring with him? Nick Diaz keeps it real. He’s also honest that this is his job, not something he’s super excited about doing. [source]