Net Neutrality Smacked Down, How it Could Affect UFC Fans

If you aren’t aware, Net Neutrality has been an issue for years now, where the FCC has been looking to make the internet with a few less restrictions for the end user, considering that we are consumers and that internet is integral to our daily lives at this point. The idea behind Net Neutrality is that internet service providers (ISPs) would not be able to throttle or block access to lawful web sites and services for any reason, with the concern being if they had a vested interest in a competitor.

So, for example, you have internet from Verizon and Verizon has a vested interest in RedBox Instant but you use Netflix. In theory, Verizon could throttle your connection while trying to watch Netflix so that you are getting a lower quality stream. Under these circumstances, RedBox Instant would be working flawlessly all because Net Neutrality was smacked down in court. I’m sure you are wondering at this point, “how does this affect me, the UFC fan?”

Check out what MMAPayout had to say; [source]

So what does this mean from a combat sports perspective?  With the UFC Fight Pass and WWE Network relying heavily and essentially depending on internet streaming services in order for its services to be viable, we could see internet providers being able to regulate the bandwidth and streaming of these services.  ISP providers may affect UFC and WWE subscribers as identified in the Court opinion.  The UFC and WWE might have to “play ball” with these ISP providers in order to obtain the best access to the end-user.

It’s interesting to note that of all of the developed world powers with access to internet, the United States probably has the most expensive and slowest internet of all of them. Providers overcharge for shoddy services and slower speeds because there is no one else offering a better service. Net Neutrality getting shot down by Verizon and co. only makes that worse now.