Nate Diaz’s Pay Questioned, Mike Kogan Jokes About It

If you were to look at the fighter salaries from UFC Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale and you see Nate Diaz’s pay, well, your first reaction would be “wow, that is awful pay.” According to what was released, Nate Diaz was paid $15k to show and $15 to win, which is well under what his previous contract was within the UFC. Of course, Diaz held out with his contract negotiations and suffered a few losses, which made him dip in value a bit.

This article on CagePotato brought Mike Kogan out, with a rather nonchalant reply about Nate Diaz’s pay. [link]

Cause I suck as a manager lol

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Now, if you know Mike Kogan, you know that he’s hard to take seriously sometime and can be incredibly self-deprecating, but in this case, I don’t know, I think that Kogan is having the last laugh here, as I’ve heard from solid sources within Diaz’s camp that there was indeed a rather hefty signing bonus involved in Diaz’s contract, which is guaranteed, upfront money.