Nate Diaz’s Latest Contract Negotiation Technique Might Not Work

You gotta give props to Nate Diaz for being as exciting of a fighter as he is and for being loyal to the UFC thus far in his career, but I’m not sure that his latest contract negotiation tactic is going to pay off. Nate Diaz took to Twitter today to ask Dana White and the UFC for his release, the whole thing punctuated by a partial elipses with a question mark tacked onto the end .. ?

Diaz, who is managed by Mike Kogan, has been known to go a bit crazy on Twitter so this isn’t the first time that his Twitter has made headlines, but never for contract negotiations. Realistically, I see Nate Diaz staying within the UFC for quite a while, but I’m not sure that this is going to get him a bigger contract, probably just give Dana White a headache.