Nate Diaz wants the Matt Brown fight, and so do we

Is there any doubt why the Diaz’s are stars? Most fighters thank their camp, God, and families, while the Diaz brothers are stating the fact that they just want to fight the baddest motherf*ckers on the planet. This is why they comman the big bucks, because they make people care. The Diaz’s are not carbon copies of boring template fighters that no one knows, or cares to know.

They are real starts for a reason. This is what Nate said to MMAFighting:

“I want the Matt Brown fight, that’s what I’m looking for. I’m trying to fight the baddest motherf**kers out there. I’m not trying to fight some lame ass fighter that they’re trying to build off of me.

“My brother is retired. So if this guy wants to fight a Diaz, he’s got to fight me.”

Brown responded with a somewhat baller, but also somewhat lame response:

“I respect what he said about wanting to fight the baddest motherf*ckers, but I have to talk to my manager.”