Nate Diaz to wait for title shot, after challenging the lightweight division

It’s kind of annoying how Nate and Gil challenged the collected lightweights in the UFC, then decided maybe fighting no one for a while was the best move. The Diaz’s are such flirts. At one moment, they are kicking ass and calling-out names, then they decide to do the smart thing. Damn them for doing the smart thing (outside of retirement).

So Nate won’t fight Khabib, and he wants to wait for a title shot, which makes things a little awkward for him and Gil maybe? MMAJunkie got the quote from Nate’s manager:

“So now we’re forced to defend ourselves,” he said. “I thought these kind of conversations were kept between us in private. We asked for a new contract. They said, ‘Not after one win. That’s not happening.’ OK, cool, we’ll turn down this fight, which is our right to do, according to our contract. I don’t know how this turns into, everybody is scared to fight Khabib.”

“Khabib, while being a gangster fighter, he hasn’t paid his dues in the UFC yet,” he said. “Nate’s been there for eight f–king years. Eight f–king years, and you’ve got people on Twitter talking about his integrity? Are you people smoking some kind of crack?”