Nate Diaz Stops Gray Maynard in the First Round with Punches

Tonight was the Finale of The Ultimate Fighter 18 live on Fox Sports 1, not only featuring lots of fights from the Ultimate Fighter cast but a rematch between two former contestants on The Ultimate Fighter by the way of Nate Diaz and Gray Maynard. They’ve met before and exchanged wins and this time was going to be the exclamation point for either man. Gray Maynard looked calm and collected as he worked at getting Diaz onto the mat early on, but Diaz was able to fight back to his feet and execute a wonderful Judo throw on Maynard to get him down.

When Maynard fought back to his feet he was greeted with a few great shots from Diaz before a short punch connected and from there it was all Diaz raining down shots on Maynard’s face. To Maynard’s credit he didn’t go down, just kept moving along the cage while Diaz kept punching him repeatedly in the face. Diaz finally beat him to the point where the referee stepped in and called the fight, only for Maynard to just collapse.

GIF from ZProphet.