Nate Diaz Removed From UFC’s Lightweight Rankings

There was a lot of talk about UFC’s Lightweight Rankings yesterday after TJ Grant was removed from them due to his ongoing complications, which is a real shame. Then, today, it appears that Nate Diaz, after getting bumped up a spot after Grant’s removal, has been removed himself. Confusing, right? In Grant’s case you can argue that he hasn’t fought in a year now, but in the case of Nate Diaz, he has a victory in December over a top 10 opponent in Gray Maynard.

So what does this mean? Nate Diaz is still, to the best of our knowledge, employed by the UFC. Nate Diaz has been a bit of a headache to the UFC and they have claimed that he turned down a fight, but honestly, it feels like if he was removed for any of those reasons that they were specifically targeting him, which is pretty lame.

What do you think?