Nate Diaz Might Lose His UFC Contract Over Controversial Tweet

You know the one, “that” tweet, where Nate called Bryan Caraway, well, the biggest “fag” in the world. As soon as I saw that tweet go out earlier today I knew that it would cause a storm of controversy and chaos among the MMA world. The MMA media would latch onto it, calls would be made to Dana White asking him for comment and of course that is exactly what happened.

While we all have our opinions about Bryan Caraway and the bogus reason that he received a bonus check, there are a lot of words within the English language that can be used to express that frustration that fall within a professional contract that has a code of conduct involved with it. Nate Diaz just happened to use one of those not cool words and looks like he’ll be getting into trouble over it.

John Morgan from MMAJunkie sent out a Tweet of his own with a quote from Dana White about that Tweet. No, this doesn’t count as Tweetception, sorry.