Nate Diaz Calls Out Josh Thomson Over Tweet

Remember the days before Twitter? Before fighters would communicate with fans, media and other fighters via their phones in 140 characters or less? Those were times where fighters were probably less likely to say something really stupid. In the case of Josh Thomson, this isn’t the first time that his mouth has gotten him into trouble over the past few years and Nate Diaz isn’t buying the whole “my phone was stolen” story. In fact, it’s kind of a tired story after Jon Jones first claimed that his phone was stolen after a tirade on Instagram.

Nate Diaz and Josh Thomson are, of course, no strangers to each other at this point, so when “someone” from Josh Thomson’s Twitter posted this, well, we just assumed it was business as usual.

I knocked out your brother, I’ll knock ur bitch ass out in San Jose July 26th.Let’s do it Bitch, San Jose vs Stockon. Yup, FUCK U NICK DIAZ!

— Josh Thomson (@THEREALPUNK) May 4, 2014

But according to Josh Thomson, it wasn’t.

Nate Diaz is, of course, the voice of reason.