More Women Step Forward to Condemn MMA Manager Brett Atchley

If you are MMA manager Brett Atchley you are having a pretty rough week right about now, as there have been tons of allegations of misconduct from female fighters that he has both managed and interacted with spreading like wildfire throughout the internet. It all started with Shannon Knapp posting a message on her Facebook about how no managers had the ability to blackball or influence Invicta FC contracts.

Then Tara LaRosa posted a message calling Atchley out by name, causing a flood this week that has most likely left Brett Atchley’s career as a MMA manager in serious doubt as of press time as it is clear that there has been some serious misconduct and that fighters might have a difficult time trusting him.

Now Kim Couture and Elaina Maxwell have come forward speaking out against him, as Brent Brookhouse is reporting. The situation continues to develop and just gets more and more grim looking for Atchley.