More Details on Rampage Jackson’s Spike TV/TNA/Bellator Contract

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is probably one of the biggest fighters from the UFC to jump ship for Bellator, which could mark for a new era where fighters jump over to Bellator, or it could just be Rampage. That being said, he is getting the red carpet treatment. Yesterday it was reported that he signed the deal and would be wrestling for TNA potentially as well. There was also talk about a reality television series, with nothing really being clear.

Today Spike TV held a press conference and a lot became clearer, it looks like Rampage is going to have quite a busy schedule ahead of him.

Obviously, he is going to fight for Bellator, where he plans to finish out his career. He is still rehabbing knee injuries, so he doesn’t expect to fight before 2014, but stranger things have happened. In regards to TNA, he should be appearing on that programming as early as tonight, but as for actual wrestling, TNA president Dixie Carter discussed that Rampage will start training for professional wrestling immediately, either in OVW or in Southern California. He claims to have some training from Mexico already, which should help him. He even discussed possibly becoming a tag team with King Mo Lawal.

When it comes to the reality show they are going to film a four-part reality series based upon his return to the ring, making his Bellator MMA debut.

Then there is the fact that Viacom is going to help him with his further film aspirations, which might include two films that he has penned. Seems like he is doing just fine.