MMALULZ: Sometimes These Things Happen in MMA

With Jason Mayhem Miller in the news again for acting like a buffoon, it had me reflecting upon some of the trouble that Mayhem Miller has caused in the past few years. It is almost uncanny that this guy has been given major platforms like he has with how unstable he is. Sure, there have been times where he has been entertaining, such as flashing a peace sign in DREAM, but then there have just been so many awful moments involving him.

This got me thinking as to which one will go down in history as an epic MMA blunder. The first thing that came to mind was clearly the best option here, as we all remember Strikeforce: Nashville in 2010 when Jake Shields was doing his post-fight interview after defeating Dan Henderson on CBS only for Mayhem Miller to poke his head into the picture and for the Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Team to take umbrage to it. At the time it seemed harmless, but upon reflection, man, that dude is just crazy.

How is this historic, though? Because it led to the best call in MMA history and one of my all-time favorite MMA memes; Gus Johnson’s exasperated “Sometimes these things happen in MMA.”