MMA Reflection of the Day: I Miss Kimbo Slice

Jason Nawara and myself have been talking about Kimbo Slice lately and I’m not really sure why we have been, but we have. Reflecting upon Kimbo Slice’s rags-to-riches story really gives you some perspective on MMA and how Kimbo Slice was legitimately one of the most famous MMA fighters of all time. Kimbo Slice was the outlier, able to do amazing things outside of the UFC system, mostly by being a YouTube sensation when YouTube was just picking up steam.

Kimbo Slice took part in some of the most-watched MMA fights of all time here in America, which when you stop to think about that it is pretty amazing. The UFC has still not been able to recreate that Kimbo Slice magic, which really says something. Hell, he even appeared on one of the highest rated seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, which admittedly took some of his luster away, but led to one of the greatest moments in MMA history.