Mike Kogan Feels Like Roy Nelson Will Stay with the UFC

Mike Kogan and Roy Nelson took a giant gamble by not renewing Roy Nelson’s UFC contract when it was offered to him. Part of the gamble was that Roy Nelson believed that he was worth more than he really was, thinking if he won this last fight that he’d be offered a better contract.

Well, we saw how that one worked out, as Nelson looked to be in a rather doomed situation, but not so says Mike Kogan, who seems happy with the proceedings so far.

“I think people put so much stock into whether Dana likes you or not,” Kogan said. “They automatically assume if he hates you, your life’s over and you have nowhere else to go and he doesn’t want to see you again. That’s not true.

“The truth of the matter is, you look at somebody like Tito Ortiz, he’s done way worse stuff than Roy has, and he had a very prosperous career. UFC’s a very professional organization. It doesn’t matter if they like you or not. As long as you’re performing and the fans like you, it’s good enough.”