Mike Kogan Details Nate Diaz’s Contract Negotiations

Being a fighter is tough, no doubt about it, everything from the fights to the training right down to the contract stuff. Apparently, Nate Diaz was serious when he was talking about not being happy with his UFC contract. How unhappy is Nate Diaz? He and manager Mike Kogan are  trying some contract negotiation tactics that involve Nate Diaz doing nothing.

Yes, nothing. [source]

“We asked to sit down and have a conversation about our contract and they said no. So we said ok, then we’ll sit out and wait until you know, something changes.”

“We’re just kinda all in limbo. Hopefully we’ll sit down and have a productive conversation. So far, all of our interaction has been through media, you know we say something and then they say something and we say something. We’re yet to actually have a conversation.”

“I had a brief conversation with Joe Silva and he said ‘well that’s not going to happen’ so I said ‘ok sounds good’ so we’ll just wait. Wait and see, but we don’t have a specific goal, we just want to be able to have a conversation and see what happens.”

Basically don’t expect to see Nate Diaz fighting any time soon, I guess. Weird, right?