Mike Kogan Channels Barry Zuckerkorn to Defend Nate Diaz

If there ever was a manager in MMA that was kind of an awesome dude that fit right in, it would be Mike Kogan. Kogan did a lot of work within the industry and managed fighters before he became this bigshot manager, but most will remember him from his work commentating fights on HDNet for K-1 and DREAM a few years ago where he’d make crass jokes and kind of just have fun. Now he’s managing some of the most controversial fighters in the world and kind of having a field day with it.

The UFC have responded to Nate Diaz’s tweet about Bryan Caraway being a “fag” by suspending him, releasing an official statement through the media this afternoon citing an investigation into the matter. Diaz’s manager, Mike Kogan, then went on the record and pulled a move that is right of Arrested Development’s Barry Zuckerkorn’s playbook by telling people to look up “faggot” on UrbanDictionary.com, because in Northern California, it means someone that is a “bitch,” not a homosexual.

I feel like somewhere the fictional Barry Zuckerkorn is looking on with an awkward smile on his face waiting at a truckstop restroom for something to happen.