Mike Kogan and Nate Diaz Don’t Feel Bad At All About That Controversial Tweet

Well, I guess that headline is moderately misleading, because I’m sure that they aren’t happy with Diaz being fined $20,000 for his tweet to Bryan Caraway, but in an interview today, Mike Kogan talked about the Tweet at length. The fact is, Mike Kogan and Nate Diaz are sticking to their UrbanDictionary-laden guns and saying that it wasn’t a homophobic statement at all, it was just calling Bryan Caraway a little bitch. That is somehow not offensive, right? I’m not even sure what is offensive anymore.

Kogan stated that they have no plans of apologizing, either, as apologizing would just make it seem like they were trying to say something offensive, when in fact, they were not. He also works in a few decent digs at Bryan Caraway, noting that nobody asks him to talk about marijuana or to talk about just about anything and that he had to beg to get his money. Ouch. [Source: MMAFighting]