UFC FIT Program Featuring Mike Dolce Launches Soon

The MMA world is kind of a strange one when you stop to think about it. The way it starts out is that everyone wants to be a [fucking] fighter, a UFC Champion, the best in the world. Then fighters either chase that dream and never stop, or they work at it for a while before trying to find a way to cash in on their experience as a fighter. This is the story of Mike Dolce, best know for the “Dolce Diet.” Mike Dolce is neither a dietician or a nutritionist, both positions that require a good deal of education and hard work, instead, he’s a guy who was a former fighter who has “studied” what it means to be healthy and passes it on to fighters.

A lot of what Mike Dolce has done is to really push his name and the Dolce Diet name on MMA circles, attaching himself to successful, popular UFC fighters and finding his niche in the MMA world. He’s become the de facto health expert in the MMA world, even if he lacks any real professional credential beyond being a professional fighter. He’s gotten so big that even the UFC have considered him an expert, making him the face of their upcoming UFC FIT home fitness program, which is launching on May 15th.

It will feature a 12-week workout program as well as a booklet including lifestyle and diet tips from Mike Dolce’s Dolce Diet system. [Source: MMAJunkie]