Miesha Tate wants Ronda Rousey to test her hands

Could this be some elaborate ploy get Ronda to stand and bang with Miesha for better or worse? Is this Miesha basically saying “no, I can’t go to the ground with you, but I have a puncher’s chance on the feet.” I think so. I think Miesha is trying to be clever when it’s only pissing Ronda off further. I think the chance of a knockout is as equally great as someone (Miesha) getting her arm torn off.

This is what Miesha said about the champ on Showdown Radio:
“I think as a champion she should really represent herself better. I love the sport of MMA and I think sportsmanship is a crucial, important, part of it. Because we have fought so long to break down the barriers of it being a blood sport, of it being human cock fighting, of it not even being a sport. All these bad reputations that MMA gets; as more a veteran of this sport I have really come to appreciate the work everybody has put into it to make it a sport.”

“I have never kept it a secret that I don’t like Ronda. I will say it now. But I am not going to act like a 2 year old. You know a 10 year old and walk around throwing temper tantrums all the time and act like a cry baby. I am still going to carry myself as a professional regardless of how Ronda chooses to treat me.”

“I am calling her out to strike with me. I don’t believe that she will. I think that she is scared to. I think she is going to try and take me down and armbar me again. But I would like to see. Let’s compare our hands.”