Miesha Tate Saved Caraway’s Mom in Mexico

Miesha Tate is pretty incredible and your opinion of her might only go up now. Bryan Caraway took his parents and Miesha on a trip to Mexico before UFC International Fight Week went down because Caraway felt that it was time to do something nice for his parents. Everything was going great until they went on a snorkeling trip and his mother’s asthma became an issue. Miesha Tate to the rescue.

“Then out of nowhere Miesha picks up the inhaler,” said Caraway. “Without even thinking about what it might do to her, she takes, like, 10 puffs of the inhaler and then starts giving my mom mouth-to-mouth.”

At first, Caraway recalled, it seemed like a waste of time and valuable medicine. They’d already tried the inhaler. What if she did start breathing again and needed it, only to find that it was all gone?

“I was just like, ‘It’s better to have none left than to have some left that she can’t use because she’s dead,’” Tate said. “This is it. We have no other options. At that point, I think she would’ve been gone in a minute or so.”

Tate told Caraway to plug his mother’s nose as she breathed the air from the inhaler, trying to force it deep enough for the medicine to work.

“I just knew that inhalers are bronchial dilators, and that they relax the bronchial tubes,” said Tate. “So I knew that the only way she was going to be able to breathe on her own was if we could get it in there. We’d tried to spray it in her mouth a few times, but there was no air going in or out.”

Everything turned out just fine in the end, with Miesha Tate once again proving that she’s the bad ass one in the relationship. [source]