Miesha Tate Really Doesn’t Like Referee Kim Winslow

There are a lot of UFC fighters out there who have grudges against referees, as they put their careers in the hands of these referees and a lot of the time, won’t be happy with the end result if they come up on the losing end. Sometimes they have a point, other times they do not and it is just bitter grapes.

Tate was asked about Kim Winslow in a recent interview and, well, as you’ll read, she went off.

She doesn’t do anything. I don’t think she deserves to be a referee. And if she is she should go to the amateur levels where it doesn’t matter as much, there’s not as much on the line because she’s literally ruining people’s lives. And you know I was little bit over confident with her going into this fight. She’s gotten a lot of flack before, but she did let the Cyborg and Jan Finney fight go. Then I felt like when the tables turned she just, I don’t know, she dropped the ball. I know some people feel like the stop was justified, but like I said all those people are people that aren’t fighters themselves. So, really they can’t say what it feels like to be in the cage. I think any fighter watching that, and knowing me and knowing the shots I’ve taken and comeback from that, would have said “no, that fight shouldn’t have been stopped.” And that’s how I feel about it. That’s how I’ll always feel. I don’t care how much flack I get for it. Or how many people say Cat whooped my ass. I whooped her ass for 2 rounds and I know for a fact she doesn’t wanna fight me again. If somebody wants to set that fight up again, if Dana wants to set it up again, please, be my guest. I would love to fight her again. I made a mistake in not expecting her to take me down, but that’s because I almost knocked her out in the 1st round. She came out in the 3rd round she took me down. She’s a good wrestler. On paper, she’s a better wrestler than I am. She wrestled at a college, she’s got all these credentials. I out wrestled her for two rounds. She came out, she was scared to stand with me, she took her shots, she got me, and then the referee was like a yippy chihuahua the whole time I was on the bottom. Saying, “Miesha, you gotta do something you gotta move.” I’m like, “Why? She’s not doing anything to me, she’s in my half guard. Nobody finishes fights in halfguard” But, the referee I thought she was going to stop it. She was over-coaching, over-refereeing.

So, I got back to my feet. I took some damage because of it. I tried to get offensive and take a shot and the fight got stopped. It sucks. I’m not happy about it, obviously. You guys are getting me all emotional here. (laughs) But, that’s the truth and that’s how I feel about it. I lost the fight. I’m not gonna make excuses. I got taken down, and whatever it is, I lost. It sucks. I feel like the referee had a big part to with that. I know for sure if they would of let it go to a decision, I won 2 out of the 3 rounds. And I think I would have made a comeback in the 3rd round. If people doubt that, and don’t believe what I’m saying, set that fight up again. I’ll gladly fight her again