Michael Johnson Looking for Fight with Nate Diaz

Michael Johnson is coming off of an impressive first round TKO finish of Gleison Tibau at UFC 168 and is looking to keep his momentum going. How is he looking to do so? By angling for a fight with the ever-exciting and ever-colorful Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz is coming off of a pretty crazy first round stoppage of his own, knocking out Gray Maynard in the first round at the Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale in November.

A potential fight between Michael Johnson and Nate Diaz would guarantee fireworks and while I’m sure that Joe Silva and his team aren’t looking for unsolicited advice on what fights to make next, if Nate Diaz catches wind of this and starts talking about it they’ll have done most of the promotion for the fight on their own, making the UFC’s job that much easier.