Michael Bisping believes he’s in a different league than Alan Belcher and he wants to prove it

It seems like it’s been too long since Michael Bisping stepped into the cage, or maybe it was because he was knocked out so quickly by Vitor Belfort that I don’t feel like I got my required amount of British MMA action, but either way I’m excited to see Bisping get back into the Octagon toot suite. His next match against Alan Belcher is already generating a decent amount of heat for their UFC 159 showdown (by far the best and most competitive fight on that card… Chael/Bones *cough*) and you know, I know and the dog knows that s***’s going to start getting more real with every passing day that the fight gets closer.

The opening of the crap-talk salvos began in earnest last night on UFC Tonight, and it was pretty sweet. There was even a nice zinger from Bisping to Chael. Watch for it.