Melvin Manhoef Defeats Evangelista Cyborg in Brazil

Melvin Manhoef is a name that everyone should be familiar with for supreme violence. Melvin Manhoef is not only well known for his MMA career, but for his Kickboxing career as well. One of his best known fights was against Evangelista Cyborg Santos from a few years ago. It was not only a brawl, but probably “the” brawl in MMA. So this weekend they were scheduled for a rematch.

Of course, things get complicated, as CABMMA refused Melvin Manhoef’s medicals from the Netherlands at the last minute, forcing the promoter to go on without any sort of regulation or oversight. Crazy, right? What ensued was Melvin Manhoef unleashing violence upon Cyborg’s face until the ref stepped in.

So let’s watch it.