Melvin Guillard vs. Ross Pearson Ends in a No Contest Due to ‘Illegal’ Knee

Man, we all just got robbed of potentially the one saving grace for this UFC Fight Night card, that being Ross Pearson vs. Melvin Guillard. I mean, with both of these guys fighting each other, we expected some fireworks, which we were well upon our way to seeing until the referee stopped the fight for one of the dumbest rules in the sport of MMA; the three point rule.

As they were scrambling against the cage Melvin went for a knee to the face of Pearson. Just as the knee was about to land Pearson put his hand onto the ground, so when a second knee landed, the ref pulled them apart to check on Pearson’s cut and declared that knee to be illegal and stopped the fight. Since it was so early in the fight it was ruled a No Contest, which doesn’t really hurt either guy, but it really felt like a terrible call. I mean, Melvin Guillard was well on his way to victory. This is a rule that has come up for discussion and might be removed, by the by.