Melvin Guillard and Michael Johnson are doing their best to sell their fight this weekend

Oh yeah, Michael Johnson and Melvin Guillard are fighting this weekend in England on Fight Pass. I completely forgot. It’s not like this fight is without storylines – the former teammates have seemingly gained a lot of bad blood since Guillard left the Blackzilians. While Guillard has been up and down the last few years, Johnson has looked spectacular of late, and a win over Guillard may push him into the top ten.

Let’s read their bickering.

First, Guillard:

“To be honest I never really cared for the guy as a person. He is a good fighter, but as a person he is a bit of a douche. He is not one of my favorite people in the world, so I’m excited to get in there and beat him up. I am the one who asked for the fight. Once Ross pulled out, I asked for Michael Johnson. It is a fight that I have been wanting and I am going to make sure I am ready for it.”

Then Johnson!

He was on the team for a little bit. I helped him, I wanted him to succeed because he was a teammate. He is a good fighter, of course everybody knows Melvin can fight. I got the utmost- it is hard for me to say that I respect somebody that said something about me like that, so I won’t say that I have all the respect in the world for him. I respect him as a fighter, and we are going to fight and we will see how it is. I am not going to say we are great friends, and to him it doesn’t sound like we’re friends at all. That is okay with me because I have got enough friends and I don’t need any new ones. I will let Melvin talk and run his mouth and sell the fight. I have no problem with Melvin, we are going to go in there and fight.

 If he says he beat me up, I will let him say he beat me up. I will let other people tell that story and see how it goes. I am not one to brag and run around saying ‘oh I did this, oh I did that’. The people that know are all that matters. For Melvin to say I was afraid of him in practice and he beat my ass in practice, I will go ahead and say that that is a lie. Of course he was the bigger guy, because Melvin is a bigger 155’er. Of course sometimes he was stronger than me because I was training all week and he wasn’t. He would train once a week. I am not worried about Melvin. When he actually showed up to practice, we practiced, that is it.