Melvin Guillard is happy about being cut from the UFC, expects to make more cash now

Of course it would come down to money, everything seems to in the MMA world nowadays, or at least the UFC world. I mean, don’t get me wrong, C.R.E.A.M. is the way of life, and Melvin makes a point about being showcased for years. Hell, I’ll watch him fight in a Bellator lightweight tournament. Melvin vs Patricky Freire? Yes please.

Melvin said this on the MMA Hour:

“My ribs are still messed up, I got a busted hand, but my injuries are my problem. This is my first interview since the fight, you’re the first person I’m talking to.”

“For me, honestly, I thought it was the best thing that could happen to me at this point in my career. They gave me a platform for a lot of organizations, and a lot of people want me right now.”

“I was supposed to fight Ross Pearson. I asked to fight Michael, but it was still a fight that wasn’t supposed to happen. I had a bad performance, my fault, my bad. I’m the one out there doing do my job, I’m the one ending up fighting injured, but I’ll take that. Michael put on a great fight, he beat me that night. I had a horrible performance. But, did I think I was going to get released? No, I had no idea. I thought I was going to be put on the shelf.”

“I was actually happy because I felt like, I could sign with another company, and that company is gonna pay me way more than I make with UFC.”