McMann Brushes Off Cummins Making Daniel Cormier Cry

When preparing for the Olympics Daniel Cormier ended up crying, which has somehow became a story in the MMA world. A grown man who was going through an incredibly tough time in his life while also preparing for the Olympics crying is somehow some sort of shameful act because he is a cage fighter now. Did Daniel Cormier cry? Does it really matter? Why is Patrick Cummins promoting the fight like this?

UFC 170 headliner Sara McMann has something to say about this and doesn’t seem to blame Daniel Cormier for getting emotional. [source]

“The coaches are responsible for breaking him, not anybody else,” McMann said. “It could be labeled as sadistic. It is so difficult. That’s how we prepare for things.

“During these practices, we are always down on points. We have people rotating in on us. They are people in our weight class that are eating whatever they want, they’re fresh because they get breaks and we don’t. They have no pressure on them. It’s a little bit ridiculous because these practices are designed to break us. These coaches won’t stop until you are flaking out, until you are at your absolute lowest point. That’s the way it’s been in wrestling forever.

“To say that he made [Cormier] cry, that’s just crazy to me.”