Mayhem Miller Taunts Uriah Hall Into Punching Him with Racial Slurs

Jason “Mayhem” Miller is a troubled guy, I think that much is clear to just about everyone. If I were to guess I’d say that it was a personality disorder which he needs to be medicated for, but has insisted on not doing. This is only going to hurt him more and more in the long run, in fact, it already has. Over the past few months he has had multiple arrests for domestic abuse and now last night there was an incident at a BAMMA USA event in Southern California involving UFC fighter Uriah Hall.

Apparently BAMMA USA called the whole lot of fighters and celebrities in attendance to enter the cage for a photo op, which saw Mayhem Miller and Uriah Hall in close quarters. Apparently they were exchanging verbal jabs in a friendly manner until Mayhem started with the racial slurs and things got heated extremely fast. Here is a first hand account relayed through BE.

While awaitng the main event, several fighters and celebs were called into the cage for a photo op with Brett. I was by the back with the Commision. Mayhem and Uriah were surrounded by a scrum, and it looked like good hearted shit talking, but it turned nasty quick!

More security rushed in to separate but by now there was a bunch of people around with Iphones out, so basically a few journalists and a few security guards tried to separate them.

When more help arrived, Mayhem started leaning in, kind of like flinching with his head, and kept repeating “Your a Bitch Ass Nigga!” at least 6 times, each time with added taunting. When he leaned in for a 7th, Hall hit him with a right hand! Didnt catch him flush, but left a noticeable welt.

I then with Jose from Bamma walked Uriah to the elevator, where he was still looking for Mayhem. He was heated and rightfully so! Security and Jackie Denkin were able to calm Uriah down before he left. When we left Mayhem was at the bar, drunk, spilling his beer. Surrounded by marks. It was a very sad day, Disgusting behavior by Mayhem, I hope Uriah doesnt get in trouble. Please if you do write about this, remember Uriah was trying to be calm, and there was no where to go, he had a wall of people behind him.

He was wrong for punching him, but Mayhem was acting aggressive.

I was on Uriah Hall’s left shoulder the entire time. There is no mistaking the words, im sure it will be on youtube! But not by me. Disgusting!