Mayhem Miller Goes on a Twitter Tirade Against Dana White and the UFC

Jason “Mayhem” Miller is really an interesting case of watching a fighter crash and burn what was shaping up to be a rather lucrative career that was extending beyond just fighting inside of a cage. Mayhem Miller was blessed with being a personality on top of just being a fighter, something that most fighters could only dream of. This led to a television program on MTV and a life that was going pretty well for him outside of the UFC machine.

Then he got his shot at the big time again with the UFC and he took it, leading to a season of TUF and a few disappointing losses, including him injuring his knee, which has kept him away from action in the meantime. His inability to get coverage from the UFC’s insurance policy has been on his mind since then and he has had the occasional Twitter outburst, with yesterday being one of the worst, as he went off on Dana White in regards to the whole New York situation.

Go see for yourself on his Twitter.