Mayhem Miller Booted from REIGN MMA, Declares Mark Munoz Worshiping a False Jesus

Alright, you know, religion within professional sports is almost unavoidable, but within MMA there always seem to be some serious undertones of religion, with many fighters being of faith. That is fine with me, to each their own, but sometimes some guys take it a little too far, and I mean that beyond Bendo asking for an Amen after each fight. Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s trials and tribulations have been well-documented throughout the internet, but apparently he isn’t done being Mayhem.

Oh no, not at all.

There is now some beef between Mayhem and Mark Munoz, as Munoz apparently cast him out of his gym, which led to Mayhem Miller declaring that Munoz worshiped a false Jesus. You can’t make this stuff up.

When I was imprisoned by my own body and unable to walk for a year, it takes a toll on your mind. I’m so happy that King’s MMA welcomed me back with open arms, because Mark Munoz cast me out, and made my problems even worse. He talks about Jesus, but he doesn’t know him, he doesn’t follow Jesus. He doesn’t follow the real Jesus. He follows some made up version. Some blonde haired, blue-eyed version of Jesus. He doesn’t follow what the real man said. I’ve been paying attention to what the real man said. I’ve been paying attention to what his disciples said. Jesus wouldn’t have cast me out. Jesus would have forgiven me for whatever he thinks I did. He casts judgment so easily. Telling the world that I have demons… he has demons, and they work at his gym.

Why doesn’t he stop being a bitch, and pick up the phone. You know, I would have done anything for him at one point. But I live by a code. A code of loyalty, honor, and respect, and when I say I’m someone’s brother I mean it. I’m your brother.