Matt Riddle Released From Bellator… Again, Kind of

Matt Riddle’s marvelous Bellator journey has come to an abrupt end after a retirement, a return and then another time pulling out of a bout with Bellator. It’s hard to even explain Riddle’s post-UFC career, as it has been riddled (seriously, no pun intended, I hate puns) with ups and downs, including a rib injury that forced him to pull out of his original Bellator debut and led to his retirement.

Then he came out of retirement to fight for Bellator this weekend only to pull out of the fight on late notice which has prompted Bellator to cut him from the organization. He has been wished well in his future endeavors. [link]

“Matt was a guy we had high hopes for coming into Bellator,” said Bellator Director of Communications Anthony Mazzuca in a statement. “After Matt suffered his rib injury and withdrew from our tournament, we went back to the drawing board and got Matt another fight on November 22nd.

“Unfortunately, Matt very recently informed us he would not be fighting on November 22nd from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and at that point we decided to release Matt from Bellator. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”