Matt Riddle Insists He Could Make More Money at McDonald’s

Matt Riddle was at one time employed by both the UFC and Bellator but things didn’t work out for him with either promotion and he ended up retiring, which many have let it float by without another thought. Matt Riddle appeared on Sherdog’s Beatdown Radio and talked about his MMA career, with the topic of money coming up and Riddle insisting that he could have made more money working at McDonald’s.

Ouch. [source]

On why he retired: “I retired from Bellator because they refused to give me an extension on my fight in the tournament or a fight this year, in 2013, when I was talking to them. I saw they would do other things for Joe Warren and other fighters that they just had a soft spot for, I guess. I didn’t like that, and honestly, getting fired from the UFC for marijuana — honestly, this whole sport is just politics and hypocrites and everything. I was really tired of it. And it’s not like I’m getting paid that well. I could work at McDonald’s and get paid more. That’s why I retired.”