Matt Mitrione asked to fight Stefan Struve when his heart valve was still technically leaking

Chalk this up as a weird case of wanting to one-up another fighter. Sure, you always want the edge, but why would you ask to fight a guy who is technically retired and has a leaking heart valve? Come on, Meathead. Stop being such a meathead.

Struve revealed this information to MMAWeekly:

“In Macau, when Mitrione fought, he was really interested (in my heart condition), so I explained to him what was going on and all that. So he knew where I was at,” said Struve. “Then, a couple months later, even before I’m cleared to return to the Octagon, you tell Joe Silva that you want to fight me for my comeback fight?”

“I wasn’t even cleared to fight yet. Everybody knew I was on the way up, things were looking good, but I wasn’t cleared yet. Everybody knew that I had a heart issue and then you call up the matchmaker without knowing I’m cleared and then you ask for the fight?

“The only way you would do that is because you think you have a better chance of winning that fight. In my opinion, that really is pathetic and Matt Mitrione made this personal.”

“It’s just kind of pathetic. I would never do something like that. Big mistake by him because I’m gonna absolutely show this guy.”