Matt Brown Won’t Need Surgery on Back

We can’t lie, we were pretty upset when The Immortal Matt Brown was forced to pull out of a fight due to a back issue a few weeks ago. Matt Brown is one of the guys that is always awesome to watch in the ring and him having to pull out of a fight and slow down his momentum was a giant bummer. Especially right now when the division has just opened up like the heavens with GSP on leave for however long he is gone. The fear was that Matt Brown was going to need surgery on his back and would be out for a while.

Well, there is good news, as according to a report from, he does not need surgery on his back and his recovery time won’t be as long. His wife was quoted in saying that he could get back to training as soon as February and be back in the Octagon as soon as the spring, which bodes well for the future Welterweight title contender that is Matt Brown.