Matt Brown Smashes Erick Silva in an Amazing Fight

Dear god, Matt Brown is just a monster. We all knew that Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva was going to deliver, but it was still amazing to see in action here tonight. Erick Silva actually had the upperhand early on in round one, landing a beautiful liverkick that put Matt Brown onto the ground Silva pounced then locked in a rear naked choke, only for Matt Brown to fight it off, then get back to his feet.

That, in and of itself should have been it, then he landed a few big shots and the fight was clearly in his control. It was amazing. Then round two happened and Brown continued the assault, only for Silva to land another body shot that dazed Brown, only for Brown to brush it off and continue the assault. He went for a few submissions on the ground but Silva was able to fight them off.

They came back fro a third round and Matt Brown was able to finally put Erick Silva down and out. Damn. Just watch this fight, it was amazing.