Matt Brown overcame Silva’s liver kick by getting punched in the face

It makes sense. You get dropped by a liver shot, you don’t want to get hit there again. I’ve been there, nothing takes the wind out of you like a solid strike to that region, so you have to applaud Matt Brown’s situational awareness in the form of taking about 5-10 unanswered punches to the face, it (in)directly led to him getting the W on Saturday.

Check out what he said to the gathered press, transcribed by Dave Doyle:

“After the first body shot I was actually thankful that he was punching my face,” said Brown . “I was leaving my face open to get punched so that my body could recover. Which was a risk/reward thing and you only have a split second to think about it. And I know that if I get hit in the body again it could very potentially be over, so it was like, just hit me anywhere except for there. So I curled up, I grabbed his leg, and just hoped that he punched me in the face, and fortunately he went for a submission before destroying my face.”