Matt Brown Apologizes For Podcast Comments

Yes, we all know that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that free speech exists, the thing is, while you are employed by certain entities they will usually have codes of conduct that they expect you to follow. When you go out into the public as a “UFC Fighter” you are expected to follow the rules of UFC’s codes of conduct, which we’ve seen fighter after fighter completely flub up on time and time again. The latest has been Matt Brown with his podcast “Legit Man Shit,” where he made a few disparaging comments about women in MMA.

It has taken the injured Matt Brown and thrust him into the news cycle, but not int he way that a UFC fighter would usually quite like. In fact, he issued a very stuffy apology. [source]

“I have spoken with the UFC about the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy and what is required and expected of me as a professional athlete under the terms of my promotion agreement,” said Brown, sounding remarkably like a publicist. “The UFC has a policy of inclusion and respect for all people and I understand the importance of being more aware of my actions and words.”