Martin Kampmann Taking a Hiatus From MMA

A lot of people felt pretty upset when GSP decided to take a hiatus from MMA, but for me, this one hits closer to home; UFC Welterweight Martin Kampmann has announced that after eleven years of fighting he’s going to take some time away from the ring. It’s understandable that after eleven years Martin Kampmann is starting to feel some wear and tear and is looking for some time away, but for the 31-year old it seems like bad timing, as the Welterweight division has opened up.

Martin Kampmann is coming off of two losses, one to would-be champion Johny Hendricks and then a fight-of-the-night bout with Carlos Condit. With both Condit and Hendricks being two of the top fighters in the division with GSP gone one would have to think that Kampmann would be able to work his way back up the ladder rather quickly and get a shot at either man, but you can’t predict or stave off burnout, so we wish him a fine time off and that he’ll return soon. [source]