Marlon Wayans wants Ronda Rousey to break his arm then grab his penis

How can it be an armbar if you want her to ‘armbar’ your nether region, Marlon? This is why your comedy sucks and you make B-movies at best. You used to be good (not really), but this has hit a new low. It’s not cool, dude.

This is what Marlon said to Conan O’Brien:
“I say that in a good way, because I know there’s pheromones in those gloves and feet wraps,” said Wayans. “I have a crush on her, I think she’s dope. Look how sexy she is! There’s just something about a woman that can kick your behind. I want Laila Ali to just punch me in the face. I want her to take me … she does this move, the armbar. I want to wrestle around with her, I got a fantasy … she makes people tap out because she grabs their arm and she breaks it back. I want her to just grab my penis and pull it back until I tap out.”