Mark Hunt’s Broken Hand Means No Immediate Rematch with Bigfoot

If there is one thing that fans want to see it is another classic between Mark Hunt and Antonio Bigfoot Silva. Their fight from this weekend at UFC Fight Night 33 was just out of this world, especially for a Heavyweight fight. I mean, you gotta give credit to Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva for putting on such an incredible fight. But, the clamor for an immediate rematch seems to be a bit premature as Mark Hunt’s hand is in shambles at the moment and he’ll be out for quite a while. [source]

“Every morning when I open my eyes, the first thing I think about is Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva. The sickest heavyweight fight I’ve ever seen. I was jumping around the room like a little kid during that fight. I can’t stop talking about that fight, I can’t stop thinking about that fight. It was amazing.

“In that fight, Hunt broke his hand in two places so he’s gonna be out for a while. So no, theree won’t be an immediate rematch. I’m assuming that Silva’s gonna want to fight again before Hunt’s back.”