Mark Hunt Demands Answers About God and the Bible

Alright, so this one is a little odd. Everyone’s favorite UFC Heavyweight, Mark Hunt, has taken to Facebook over the last day to ask his fans where the Bible came from and what God looks like. I think that it is a very healthy thing for a person to do at some point in their life to start asking questions about faith, organized religion and what their relationship is to such things, so I can’t fault Mark Hunt for that. The thing is, the questions that Mark Hunt are asking are not exactly going to net him any real, positive discussion and instead are just stirring up controversy among his fan base.

Can someone answer my question please who wrote the bible and where are the transcripts they wrote them from kept.

Wow ask a question and not one person has any clue jus regurgitation of rubbish that was told to them by someone else,people talking about the Vatican yet none of u have ever been there,or know where these transcripts are,easy answer u don’t have a clue.the reason I ask this question is I would like to know,and when some of u vomit out rubbish about the bible u don’t even have any idea about it,or where it came from.jus some verses u have memorised but still u have no idea where it all began.

Just as I thought ain’t none of u have any clue show me a picture of what god looks like.

It goes on like this. I’m not sure that a UFC Heavyweight asking troll questions about religion is going to push the hot topic into new territories or anything, but ladies and gentlemen, Mark Hunt. Won’t someone please bring him the transcripts from the Bible to study as well as God’s Yearbook photo. [source]