Maiquel Falcao Gives His Side of the Gas Station Brawl Story

So, if you didn’t know the name Maiquel Falcao, you probably do now after that infamous gas station brawl that happened because of Falcao shoving a female, only to be swarmed by a few guys which left himself and a fellow fighter badly beaten and shamed. Well, Falcao is giving his side of the story and I’m not entirely sure that it is that sympathetic, to be honest.

The female apparently called him a name and he was drunk. Weird, right? Doesn’t sound like a good reason to put your hands on anyone.

We had three beers that night in a little bar nearby and we went to the gas station to take one more. The girl who was inside of the store thought I was hitting on her. She turned to me and said some racist nicknames. If I was supposed to knock any single person, just look how many guys were in there, I’d never beat a woman. If we were used to drink, nothing would have happened. With a couple words we’d be ok but I don’t know what happened to that guys. Back that day I got robbed, they took my shoes, my jacket and my wallet. It was a double attempt of robbery and murder.

Me and Kauê were beat several times with a lumber, I’m very depressed because all what happened to him, today was the first day I could walk on my own feet after the brawl. I’m extremely sorry and I apologize to his family, I apologize to the MMA lovers and fighters. I’m very sad to involve the sport in this episode.