Machida breaks down how he will beat Weidman

This weekend we have arguably the most important fight thus far this year. Weidman vs. Machida goes down during international fight week and at UFC 175. Finally, Weidman will be able to silence his critics that say his previous wins were flukes, while Machida will attempt to become one of the few dueal weight champions in UFC history.

The stakes are huge, and Machida explains how he’ll beat Chris Weidman.

He told MMAFighting:

“Distance and technique, it frustrates a lot of the wrestlers because they focus a lot of the time to get their hands on him and to try to get close and to try to take them down, but my style and my strategy is to keep my distance, to use my distance well and to attack.”

“Chris Weidman is a tough guy, he’s well rounded. He’s known for being a wrestler, he’s very good on the ground, he can knock people out standing up. But I’m not too worried about Chris Weidman’s strong points. I’m focused on what I do well and that’s what I’ll focus on when I’m in the Octagon.”