Lyoto Machida is Willing to Wait for His Title Shot at Middleweight

Lyoto Machida has only just made his Middleweight debut within the UFC and already there is very serious talk about him getting a title shot. It’s because he is just that good, honestly, as well as a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. We all know that Lyoto Machida is capable of doing some rather amazing things within the cage, so why not just let him have a title shot and we go from there?

Lyoto Machida, though, is a bit more patient than most of us and understands the value of waiting a while for his shot at the gold. [link]

“I’m ready (to fight for the title) already, but I have to follow the rankings,” he said. “I don’t like to rush things. The right moment will come. I want to keep fighting because it’s important for me to keep this rhythm. I want to feel well in this division, this is my place.”

He’s a lot more patient than most of us, that is for sure.