Lyoto Machida vs. Tim Kennedy Booked for November 6th

That’s right, Lyoto Machida is finally making that big move down to Middleweight and that move begins on November 6th at UFC Fight for the Troops 3, live from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. This fight was announced last night by Dana White on Fox Sports Live on Fox Sports 1 and is a rather interesting bout. Machida has long been a smaller Light Heavyweight, not actually having to cut any weight to make Light Heavyweight. Take that into account and imagine that he was at one time seen as the kingpin of that division, impressive, right?

The move to Middleweight seems like a natural move, especially now that his good friend Anderson Silva is no longer the champion of that weight class. Before we talk about a new, premature “Machida Era” at Middleweight, Tim Kennedy is going to have something to say about that, in front of an audience of veterans at that. For a guy like Kennedy you have to imagine that being a huge motivating factor in picking up the win.